Maybe next time....


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First time I have actually lined up next to something even worth my time since I have had my car out this year.
I saw the blue headlights coming up behind me for a little while, and we both ended up at a red light. New audi TT. Had system turned up, windows tinted. This was about an hour ago here.
Well, I get ready, hard to tell if he wanted to go or not. He certainly whipped up to me in order to get the light while it was still red. As the cross traffic gets yellow I am gonna leave at about 0 psi and se what he does. Then to my horror I see a rush of patrol cars fly out around us and up about an 1/8 mile ahead and stop a truck. 2 cruisers on 1 truck. Of course the second is sitting in my lane, and the guy in the TT wont let me get ahead of him so I can avoid the cop. So I have to get in behind him, which he probably wanted anyway to put me down. So as soon as we get past the mess I get back into my lane and get next to him and throw him a rev, just enough to let him know what I had for him. Then I had to turn off. Maybe next time :D
the TR vs TT outcome would have been nice to hear, already favoring the TR to win:D

I raced an eclipse gsx with my celica alltrac once. awd vs awd...tell you..nothing beats a toyota. but then I bought a TR.:D
Well, I kinda had to turn off... either that or run into the building infront of
The section of road isnt really a highway, it only lasts about 1/2 mile on either side of our main highway here. But it is a great place to run if you can catch the lights just right.
I have actually seen a few around here lately. For one, theres a pricey private college in town, and a really good vw/audi dealer in town.
Time will tell... Im sure to meet up with one again soon :D