Meanwhile, in Denver

Denver could be any libtard city U.S.A. now. There's still lots of patriots in these places and at some point
they will do as in 1775 and form modern minute man units.
Pos Rino Mike Johnson who pushed through the demonrats 1.2 Trillion omnibus spending has a piece in it
to push forward the digital currency. That happens and all freedom will be lost, you will fall into line or you'll be cut off from your funds.
Even worse they will ground your Buick! They'll need to set up a special
system for the politicians to get their bribes with cash gone.
The U.S.A. has some very tough times ahead if we don't repent back to GOD and Jesus along with our freedom loving
friends in Canada with their pos true-dumb. Wasn't there just an article out in the last couple of days from their
intelligence agency that the chinese were involved in interfering with the last election of that douche bag?
I would have Army rations for them . Good enuff for OUR Army good enuff for them. Don't like it ? Tuff shit leave . They are driving hospitals everywhere out of business with their FREE healthcare . Shit has to hit the fan sooner or later.
I’ve been working in NYC since 1994 when you get off the Subway there everywhere.When you get out of the subway into the streets there everywhere just standing around smoking pot on there phones.It absolutely infuriates me to work all day while these freeloaders just hang out and do nothing and get supported.
The NYPD water patrol needs to find the East River clogged with this sewage....