Memphis adjustable tweeter?


Oct 11, 2001
I recieved a pair of Memphis 4X10 replacements for my old regal as a gift- the guy that gave 'em to said they had ajustable tweeters, and that this was desirable... I assume I need to fire the tweeters as far forward as possible? High freq is directional-

Looks like I'll have to cut the deck lid to use 'em b/c the tweeter sticks up above the line of the cone into the cage/cover that came with the speakers...

These speakers seem good, heavy magnet and all, but I'm not familiar with the brand and wanted to ask advice before taking the box cutter to the deck :eek:

Thanks- George
After they are installed, experiment with aiming the tweeter off of the rear glass and forward to see which way you like it. If you are not worried about having a good front stage then go with the 4 x 10s.

The tweeter aiming will work better if you had a component set up front and then you will get the maximum out of positioning the tweeter. I am not sure if you will get alot of difference with aiming them in the rear unless the driver was faced forward aimed at the driver and passenger.