Merry Xmas!


EFI Unlimited #4
May 26, 2001
Title says it all. Just wanted to get this out to you guys before things get too hectic around here.
Anyhow, have a safe holiday season, and a Happy New Year!

Mele Kalilkimakameka Hauoti Makahiki Hou

Like I said Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to all! Have good one guys, hope you all get new intercoolers under the tree!:cool:

Hmm? I'll check under the tree for a big box :D

Merry x-mas everyone and a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Christmas Wishes

1)No More Trolls! (need I say more):p
2)That Big Box under my tree too!:D
3)Bin Ladens head delivered to President Bush:D
4)Everyone has a happy, safe Holiday(not too much egg nog guys);)
**h'cup h'cup** uh guyz? **h'cup** who spiked the egg nog?? eez preedy good! **h'cup**:p **burp** s'cuze me:D

Happy Christmas and A Mery New Year ;) :p :D

Shaka Kalikimaka!!!!

Have a happy and safe holiday season! "and God bless us, every one!"

Merry Happy Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Let's see tomorrow who gets the Intercoolers :D and who gets the lump of Coal :eek: :( ;) :D
Have a safe Hoilday:)

Hey guys,

Mala Keliki, ... uh.... Mele Kalik....uh.....damn!...... Merry Christmas!

From Clayton & Carla
i didnt have any of them...though i am a progressing alcoholic.