Met Jamie at BG


Hey I know I havent been around like I used to, still have a pulse though and still have the car.

Heard about Jamie's times from one of our local guys who was there to see it and just had to get on here and post. Way to go Jamie! Makin us all proud!

Whenever money and other situations shape up I'll finally get the new combo off the engine stand and parts out of my basement so I can get out and play too. Been so long since getting out to our track (Gateway International Raceway)... and they just recently decided to close it down, claiming not to have any money!:frown:
Have full cage in it now, hubby said that's the only way he'd let me race in 2011, I don't hit the brake right after the 1/4 and I need to. Anyways, it looks great, didn't go to the engine compartment but do have the halo and all the added bars, now it has a swing out bar on both sides, a huge plus. It will take some getting used to having the bar across the windshield but I will.
As soon as it sees the inside of the pole barn I'll take some photos before and after painting it. There's always something. Now to get started this next year on project W.... :D