Methanol instead of gasoline???

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Dec 5, 2003
Hi guys I am new to this sight, excellent alky section.
I have a PT106 on 396SBF. Sorry, not a GN. It makes 1800hp on VP C-116, but car weighs 3060, it has gone 7.58@189. I am thinking of eliminating Precision 2400 hp intercooler w/pump tank and all lines (about 200 lbs), and using 100% alky. What do you guys think?? The weight savings are worth alot when you are trying to go 200mph. What are the advantages/disadvantages.
Thanks Turbobuick
I can make that much power too, I just need to turn the boost up. ;)

You'll be moving twice the volume of fuel to make the same power on alcohol. What kind of induction/management system are you using? Some have reported carb icing issues with high flow alcohol setups which is why I asked.

Have you thought about using Nitromethane injection?
I would think the major downside is maintenance. Most alcohol cars endure tons of maintenance. Kinda like taking your boat on the ocean.. got to flush all the salt water out of the system.

Alcohol being corrossive has this issue as well. Lines, fittings, pumps, injectors/carb parts, filters, etc..all have to be compatible.

Remember you have alky dragsters running in the 5's.. so making power isnt an issue.. getting it dialed in..thats a whole other story.

Sorry guys wish I had mor to all are running way out of my league :D
I am using FAST sequential system, currently with 8- 160 lb. injectors, I was going to double up on injectors. My concern with extra injectors is where would you plumb them. If I put them into ports just on top of other injectors, I will loose cooling effect of Methanol, If I put them before the throttle body, I may puddle fuel. Kinsler Fuel Injection said that the system must be flushed using gasoline to remedy corrosion. The FAST can be used with 16 injectors, but I will need a mechanical pump for the kind of volume of fuel I will need. The main ??? is where to plumb extra injectors??
The alky we do is done by saturating the air going into the motor, hence the cooling. A portion of the air can be thoroughly saturated by using high pressure nozzles. Dont know if using a fuel injector can be used for the same thing. The word here is the alky flashes..brings down temps, etc. Nice thing about carbs is the gasoline cools the charge, that fires. This is about one of the only draw backs to EFI. Becuase it doesnt cool the air but fires into the CYL.

I guess you could run the injectors as a supplementary fuel by plumbing them into the plenum. Hey thats how a carb works. If you want further reduction, put a couple high pressure nozzles in the inlet tubing.

The pump I use flows 1.8 gallons per minute approx at high pressure. They sell bigger ones..

Good luck with the math involved.