Methanol Spurting Out of Reservoir Cap


May 24, 2001

Just installed my Alky Kit and filled up the reservoir/alky tank. Did not fully top it off with about 1" of air from the top.

There is alky spillining out of the blowhole cap. Is the cap suppose to be air tight? Just wondering why the cap has a blow hole with hard "sponge" like material.

Its a breather for expansion and pressure and vac relief. Are you sure you dont have your lines at the pump backwards?
Maybe pump hookups where backwards like in/out. But then the system wont function..

The tank cannot be air tight. If not, liquid cannot come out. Breather just keeps trash from going in.

The pumps have a checkvalve built in not allowing air to go in reverse through the system.
It is not spurting out all the time. I think I just overfilled it and as the methanol sloshes around it comes out of the cap blowhole.

It's hooked up correctly..I hope. The test button stalls the engine during idle. All the electronics are functioning properly.