Methanol/water corrosiveness?-Carl?

Steve Wood

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Jul 18, 2001
Carl, you have stated in the past that the introduction of water to methanol greatly reduces the corrosiveness of the methanol, even in slight amounts.

Is it possible to compare 100% denatured with a 60-40 mix of methanol-water with regard to corrosion potential?
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come on, Carl...John Estill is too lazy to answer the question! :)
Yeah, but everything John knows about being lazy he learned from me :D. Acutally, I usually don't read this forum and just happened to see your post. Unfortunately I don't have anything quantitative to add. Denatured is almost 100% ethanol plus some denaturant like methanol or some other poison. I looked in the solvent resistance charts in the Cole-Parmer catalog and they list methanol, 10% methanol (which I ASSUME is 90% water), and ethanol. For the metals like stainless steel, aluminum, copper, steel, etc., all were the same (pretty much all A's) except the 10% MeOH got an A on copper while pure MeOH got a B. A means no effect, B means a slight effect. On elastomers and plastics they were all similar except Buna N doesn't like EtOH and Viton doesn't like MeOH (each got a C), while bascially all the rest of the plastics and elastomers they listed got B's and A's. If John has his corrosion text from school that may give some more data but I never took that class :cool:.
Thanks, Carl....I am just trying to figure out how much methanol I can run without ruining the pump as I think it works better than ethanol or denatured. I recall you saying in the past that the addition of water reduced the corrosion-ability...:)

I will chase John up and see if he has any ideas...
I'm looking at a couple of methanol additives that Torco race fuels makes. I'm waiting to hear back from them on my inquiry of the corrosion reducing nature of these treatments.