Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R radial tires


Hi Guys. Need some tire advice. Will M/T sportsman 28 10.0 R15 LT tires clear the wheel wells safely without modification to the rear quarters. I do have MT street slicks and they aren't good in wet weather and also have a pair of goodrich T/A radials and cant get traction on a fast take off. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Ed
If you are referring to the old school Sportsman Pro 28x10.5-15LT Sportsman it is basically a 28x8.5 tire. If you put it on a 15x8 wheel with 4.5" bs they will fit, but you'll need thin spacers to keep them from rubbing the frame rails. If the 8" wheels have 3.5" back spacing, you shouldn't need to run spacers and both will be good with the factory wheel trim and wheel well lips, as long as the rear end is centered with the body.

If you mean the newer Sportsman SR Radial 28x10-15LT Sportsman SR Radial it is a 28x9 size tire and would fit the same as above.