Might be time to say good bye to the Buick.


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May 24, 2001
Many of you seen the big dent in my car already. Well anyway I was driving around the other night and the piece under the trunklid broke in half because of the rust. The doors are rusting also. The body has lost some of its rigidity and it doesn't sound so good. I know its possible to fix all this but I am thinking that its time for a change. Maybe this summer I will go with a third gen Firebird body. Not sure yet. What do all of you think?
Lots of N/A regals out there cheap fin one in good shape, you know the help is out there! BTW, what part fell off, the underside of the rear shelf?
Didn't fall off but broke in half. The piece behind the rear glass and under the trunk lid. All of this could be fixed but there are many other rust spots and problems. For the time and money I would spend to fix all this I could buy another Grand National in better condition.
Well, that would leave two options: 1) donate for the tax write-off, or 2) sell it to one of us as a parts car...
Mow who was it with the '85 that wanted to drop in an '87 motor/trans? Oh, that was me:D Let me know if you want to sell it.
Might try to learn to weld on it and do some bodywork. Don't have the time right now with school and work. Maybe in the summer. Hope it doesn't fall apart on the road. I can feel the body flexing more on turns. It also makes funny sounds. But if I do get rid of it the motor and tranny are going to find a new home in an F-body. Sorry Rob, don't you have an extra motor lying around already? Think someone was talking about it.
Hey Ivan,
Do you have the rear seat & front braces on your car? When I installed the rear seat brace it made a BIG diffrence.:eek: It was like all the bolts got tighten in the rear. The car felt more solid.:) Might want to try that. And the missing body bushings.
ivan, I'm sure if you need donor-car parts, like the rear shelf, I can find one on one of these junk g-bodies i throw away
Ivan -Keep the BUICK!!! By the way I have something for you. Give me a call!

Rob- What kind of G-bodys are you throwing away?? I need some sheetmetal off of a Regal, as well as some other stuff.
Geoff, let me know what you need, I come across lots of them, usually one at a time. right now I've got an 85-86 odls cutlass, but have some regal stuff still, I'm taking a right fender to derek this morning.
Hey Rob I had time to check and its the pieces on the two corners of the trunk. They broke from the rubber molding up towards the front at a 45 degree angle. If you could get these pieces that would be great. No rush though. Can't work on the car till school is out anyway.
Ivan, tha peice is part of the rear shelf, can be done, but the rear window has to come out, to probably get it all. BTW, do your trunk springs still work or have they popped off? (in other words, does the trunk still hold itself up? Actually, you should just sellit to me so I can put the drive train in my '85 <grin,smirk,giggle> just kidding. Ill take a good look at the car later this week, and let you know. Somewhere out there is a n/a regal in good shape with a blown-up engine, with your name on it.
I'm looking for........

The sheetmetal around the passenger side opera glass. (I'll need to cut that entire area out)

Bumper strips

200-4R BRF, BQ, or CZ ('86-'88 MCSS) trans.

Maybe a '84-'87 header panel. (If my cracked one can't be repaired)

Many other things..... I'd list them here, but it would eat up too much server space! :D
Why a CZ trans? that I might have, do you need a core, or a known good one? BTW, next regal I'll call you and Ivan first. Good, I can play with my sawzall and plasma cutter (bigger toys for older boys)
I've got this olds apart, about to remove rear glass this weekend... if you can come up sunday, you can tell me just howmuch of the area you need, so I can cut it out for you...

you never replied on the trans.... let me know if you need a core or known good unit...


PS, you guys coming tonite?
:eek: Oops. Sorry 'bout that.

I'd rather have a BRF, but according to Bruce (WE-4) the BQ ('84-'85 TR) or CZ ('86-'88 MC SS) is pretty close.

Either core or known good one would be okay I guess. I have a BRF valve body (bought for cheap! Thanks Derrick!:D). So I'd need to get a BRF governor, and another part that I forgot the name of. I'll have it rebuilt with some HD parts anyway.

What about?

those used in 442's? forgot the code, but I know mine shifted nice and solid...CZ core I might have... gotta look under the house, where are thos knee pads? let you know.
Geoff, I have:

1 KJF S/N 278-881KJF0280 (this one is supposed to be good)
1 CAF S/N 330-861CAF0745 (pulled from '86 G/P 2+2)
1 CZF S/N 086-861CZF0780 (unknown condition, found it in the trunk of a car I dumped)
1 OG S/N 349-1T83OG0702 (from something with a 307 olds)
1 CR S/N 128-2T85CR1467 (from something with a 307 olds)

I have 2 others at a friends house, one from '87 442 and another from '87 M/C-SS have no idea on condition of these, they were both in his '87 SS until he fried them.

I consider them all "core" units, but they are starting to take up a lot of space $25 each....