OH, OK .......Now I get it
How difficult a job is it ? Can anyone give me a step by step how to on changing them out ?
Not that bad, been a while but iirc had to move the ignition-coil pack out of the way, maybe a couple other "minor" things. Tape the wiring harness for injectors with what cylinder they go to. Had to use a piece of 1x1 or something wood to pry lightly on the fuel rail after 23 years to pop them out. Install new ones on rail, line them up and push slowing into place. Clean everything good and lube the new o-rings. You'll make out fine, take some pictures if you want to remind yourself. Did they run smooth.
Thanks for your encouragement. They may be 35 years old...... I just think it may be time. Running Rich
I hate to see someone go to the time and expense to replace something that may still be working. From what I have seen, a bad injector will usually cause a miss. Running too rich could also commonly be caused by a bad fuel pressure regulator, excessive fuel pressure or a race type chip that is causing the injectors to dump a lot of fuel for high boost.
Thanks for the Reply. I was previously a bit Vague, I apologize.
I do have a miss , I can here it at Idle and at steady throttle, in park . I get a slight whiff of gas sometimes. My MPG's are not very good, but this engine is in my Jeep CJ5, with the short wheelbase & 31 " tires. I don't expect much but the 12 MPG I am getting is a little sad. Anyway, there also is a Flat spot when I accelerate fairly hard , around 2000 rpm , 2nd to 3rd shift. It then has plenty of power on the top part of that ? My IAC, TPS , MAF, & BLM are all in good range , particularity since I welded exhaust manifold leaks, & installed new gaskets & vacuum hose's . I have a new adjustable FP regulator. I presently run 36 -38 PSI , Line on. I had Eric burn me a new stock type chip. , but I kind of guessed when I ordered it. :oops: I'm not positive that my engine has the OEM 28# injectors.or the stock cam. Guys that have listened to my engine , think it sounds like a hi rise cam of some sort ?
Do you guys know of a shop injector test that is done while the injector's are in ?
Turn the key on and cycle the fuel pump. Do not start the car. The fuel pump should cycle and turn off at your preset fuel pressure (36-38 according to what you have said). Watch your fuel pressure gauge ( assuming you having one hooked up) and listen to see if the fuel pump has to keep running to maintain that pressure. If it does, one or more of your injectors are probably leaking.
Thanks. Just did this & this is what I observed.
Turned key to on only. Fuel pump cycled & took the FP to 38. During a 30 minute period, the pressure dropped to 20 . The fuel pump did not cycle back on . After driving & shutdown, the fuel pressure drops to zero , in 1 hours time.
Thanks , I have that in my files . I'll study it again. 'Cuz it's a ' Stock ' , I use a Bluetooth adapter from John Wales @ 1324 Electronics , to scan & tune. at warm idle , in loop.& in Park
#'s this morning were :
IAC - 20
TPS- .412
Idle RPM - 975 -1025
O2 - full range / cycle from ~70 thru ~810
INT - 128
BLM 126
MAF - 7
Engine Temp - 193.5 degrees
FP- 38 line on 43 line off
I have the EGR & Vapor cannister installed. I use 92 pump gas.
All this being said, she run's pretty darn good. Always starts , winter & summer, usually 2 to 3 crank revolutions.
I may be overly optimistic here , but I really think I'm down to having a shop check the injectors flow and operation., to hone in on the slight Miss ?.
Thank you so much , for your interest & help.
Remember to read your spark plugs to see what they are telling you. Hope you get it figured out. Good luck.
I will, Thanks . Maybe I'll change them to the AC -CR43 TS . Got 42's in now with about 1K miles on' em ?
Just pulled 1 3 5 . All are gaped to .30 & have light, white electrodes & tips. But they are AC R45TSX's ?
When the Outside air temp has dropped to about a high of 60....... She seems to run even better. Gonna check my T-Stat tomorrow. I'm gonna make sure it's a 160. :unsure:
The 1 and only way to indentify injectors is through a Google search of the part number.
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When I saw the 060 at the top right , I thought that I made a huge mistake having Eric burn me a new chip for 28 # injectors. After googling,I found this :

0-280-150-218 Bosch​





I told Eric that I had 28 # stock injectors. Do you think the 29.7 # ers make a difference in what Chip I run ? . I feel like a complete Idiot sometimes !