Daily Driver
May 25, 2001
250K miles. :cool:
And of course blew a brake line turning onto my side street at exactly 250K, I made the last .4 with no issues, then again I drove over 100 miles twice from Lebanon Valley Raceway with blown rear lines in the WE4. Guess I will do some stainless line repairs before I clean up the dirt around the dash bezel.... :rolleyes: Get out there and drive, the Wallingford Walmart was packed, but the pizza place, Minervini's was empty. :)


How can you tell a true driver?
It's not the brake pedal wear... ;)
Yeah those two masks have been in the car since 2020, KN1 I believe. :p
They always leak right at the damm clamps. :mad:
Best tools I bought for this thing in 3/16" and 1/4", small and easy to use under the car.
Even flared the stainless line I forgot no longer had the factory metric fitting since the line for the rear that used to go out of the master cylinder now goes through a Baer proportioning valve which is a standard 1/4" brake nut fitting. Wasted the stainless line in the repair, I shoulda just bent one out of 24" - 30" 1/4" off the shelf line.
4 Aleve later and I'm good. :rolleyes: And that clamp isn't going back on either.

I know that, but two do. ;) o_O
Actually it was the wear on the gray naugahyde armrest that I was trying to point out, I've totally worn out a lot of aftermarket parts on this car, you should see my Baer brakes and HR parts control arms and swaybar. :oops:
Damm chemicals they use today really corrode everything. :(
Hopefully I can bleed the lines tomorrow and go for a drive. :cool:
They use some sort of liquid brine up here on the roads during the winter months. I trade in my DD truck every year or two for a reason.
I'm poor I drive an '87 Buick. ;) o_O :cool:
I am going to think about a 2023 Subaru WRX they may have perfected their CVT for it, they have a computer controlled heavy duty rubber band now.
If they made a hatchback version I would order one today, you don't lose much off the lot right now.
No, but we probably should, this car is too rotted to save anyway but there's a few good parts still left on it. :)