Miscellaneous Performance and stock parts!


Oct 30, 2006
All parts NOT listed shipped will require shipping after cost calculated to your zip. Also, pay-pal account clusolynn@excite.com, include 3%, Thanks, John.

1. 85' actuator dual port $50 shipped
2. 85' TB with TPS/IAC/Vacuum block $50 shipped
3. 85' aluminum adapter from turbo to intake $20 shipped
4. 85' turbo exhaust housing and elbow from stock turbo $20 plus shipping
5. 85' Valve covers with breathers (will work on 87's) $30 shipped
6. Comp Cams Hyd cam with less than 6K $75 plus shipping 459 lift, will have to find cam card.
7. 980 springs with retainers and keepers $75 shipped
8. Hyd lifters (used with cam above, less than 6K miles) $25 plus shipping
9. Stock rocker arm assemblies complete $30 plus shipping
10. 43lb injectors with Commander chip (valet and security features) Note: stock long block with TE-44; these injectors and chip went 11.80 (there was also suspension work) $160 shipped for both.
11. Adjustable fuel pressure regulator (worked great) $30 shipped
12. I/C fan with a few scratches, still in useable shape with mounting bracket $35 shipped
13. Aftermarket boost controller (bought it off TB.com about 2 years for 85', bought 87' that came with RJC; never used) $30 shipped
14. B&M aluminum shifter cover $15 shipped
15. Known good D-5 convertor $50 PICK-UP ONLY! Lake City, Florida
16. B&M Street Stick shifter with 4 speed gate and all brackets to work with GM/Ford?chrysler; comes with own cover also. In new condition. $75 plus shipping
17. TE-44, mileage unknown (on car when bought) worked great last time run; upgrading NOTE: does have some play, does not appear to be touching. $350 plus shipping; does not come with actuator or RJC controller.
18. Straight aluminum 3 inch pipe used for intake 11 inches long $20 shipped
19. EGR/EVAP solenoid $10 shipped
20. G-80 Posi with drive shaft $600 YOU pull/ $800 I pull!


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I wasn't sure of the brand of FPR, the only lettering on the body is FPC, no other identifying marks. It worked fine on the 85' I bought but, the 87' came with it's own.:cool:
How much for the injectors wihtout the chip? and also, how many miles on them? PM me. Thank you!


Have complete dash with wiring in great shape, seats, door panels, trim pieces, A?C box inside and out. Bumpers, lights etc. Make offers?:cool:
Can take clearer pictures !

If interested in any of these items and you don't like the picture, PM me and I'll take better pictures or at any angle you prefer. Thanks, John.:cool:
Hey, I sent the paypal on 09/01 for the afpr and I haven't received anything or heard any replies to pm's. What gives?