Missing Link????


Feb 6, 2005
Ok heres the Q: I have been taking my GN to the track and seem to be cutting off a .10 every time I go with out really doing much other then messing with boost and fuel. I'm not really sure where I should be maxed out with my curent combo and if there might be something simple that is holding me back. here is the time slip from this past weekend if that helps...

Reaction: .007
60ft: 1.822
this was done with about 23PSI on 109race gas
I have a TE-44Turbo,340 hot wired,duttneck stock intercooler,allky,50lb inj,3in THDP,3000 stall. I'm on a stock block that was rebuilt about 9k miles ago had the stock heads ported,TRW pistons,206/206 cam,billet main caps,head studs nothing to major there. I have a scanmaster and at 23PSI on the track I'm getting about .09 knock at about 65mph. I'm a newbie with all of this and want to make sure that if there is something I'm missing I can get it taken care of before messing up a great car....
p.s. this is on BFG street legal drag radials,stock rims and no swaybars or airbags. I'm not having a prob with the tires blowing away and have been able to leave with about 5lbs of boost from the light
i have ran 11.71 with the same turbo,but stock heads,stock cam.i would think that you should be 11.5 range onced dial in .ported heads and cam would be enough to get you there.you might be running too rich.
get the 60ft down and you are probably a little rich, lower the fuel and watch the 02s!!!
Thanks alot! I was running rich. I have been chasing down a high blm for a few weeks now Could running allky with 109 be slowing me down? Good to know that there is more to do on my part then the cars lol thanks again for the info guys.