Modified alternator bracket


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After looking at my logs from Bowling Green, Dad and I figured out that the alternator was not charging during the runs. It was at the starting line and during deceleration at the end of the track. I turned my cooling fan off during one of the runs to determine if the load was too much and there was no effect. The only other was a slipping belt. The belt was as tight as I could get it due to no real good way to tension the belt.

We made a better way.

I upgraded to the 140amp CS series alternator.

I had to cut into the bracket to clear my intercooler pipe and radiator hose. I now have 14.36 volts at idle. I installed a 4 gauge charge wire to the battery.

Don't know if this has ever been done before, but if this idea helps anyone with a belt tensioning issue please use it.
Thanks Charlie...

I'm concerned how much I had to cut off the top of the bracket. The turbo alt. bracket still had a good amount of meat there. We'll have to see how it goes.

Jerry jr.
hey waco84gn had a question, i got one of those intercooler kits, with the modded intake, and pipeing, intercooler, and turbo housing, right now i have 33lbs injectors and hotwire kit, electric fan, conley chip, getting replaced with a turbo tweak one, and want to put a 3"in down pipe, do i have to replace the injectors with bigger ones, and how much of a power difference was there with that setup vs stock? appreciate any input, and thanks.
The injectors and power increase...

Injectors are kinda iffy... The chip burning process and technology has increased dramatically since that conley chip was made. Not saying it is a bad chip as I had one too. The Turbo tweak chip (especially the wideband tracking one) calls for some pretty big injectors. I have some MSD 50lb injectors on my car right now. I think that is the lowest lb/hr injector that eric likes to burn the wide band chip for. The rule of thumb is go with a bigger injector and have the chip burner take a little fuel out of the program. Good thing with the TT chips is if you find your running too lean or rich you can add or subtract fuel with the gas pedal (super easy!!!).

As far as the added power of the intercooled setup, all the intercooler does id cool down the air going into the motor. People on here, have different ways of doing the same thing such as alky injection etc. I will not say that adding an intercooler is the only way to go fast, for example turbo 6X2 just went a 10.45 I believe which is freaking amazing.

Just adding the spearco setup to your vehicle would probably give you a boost of around 20 percent horsepower. Which on a factory motor would be around 40 hp.

But you have to consider that you will need all the supporting mods to take advantage of the new cooler air. You will need more fuel: (so injectors, fuel pump, fuel pressure reg). You will now have less heat soaked air entering the motor so you can turn the boost up: (adjustable wastegate, boost gauge, scan tool to monitor for knock).

Your 3" dp will also help with turbo spool up time and will allow the motor to rid itself of exhaust gases easier by reducing the restriction immediately at the turbo (90 degree turbo elbow).

Some users in the hotair section dont seem to think that my car is a hotair anymore and I guess I would agree with that. I just worked and tweaked and found stuff that I wanted to try and went for it.

All I would have to do is fab a pipe to route around the intercooler and turn the wick up on the alcohol a little and my air is as hot as their's.

If you have anymore questions dont be afraid to ask me or private message me too if you want.

Jerry jr.
Actually charlie I used the N/A bracket

I used the N/A (25503134) bracket to make the alternator fit. The grinding I mentioned was on the the outside of the arm not on the inside. My output pipe from the intercooler into the tb is very, very close to the alternator bracket right now. I thought through that belt tensioning method for a while, but figured I would upgrade to the bigger alternator if I was going to put the effort into modifying the bracket. The long bolt with threads all the way, is actually a valve cover bolt that we had in a bolt bucket. Didn't realize it until we started to think about how specially made that bolt was. We started wondering what the bolt was made for. We ended up cutting 1/4" off that bolt to get the right amount of travel.

Jerry jr