Monte ss trans in GN ??


The trans was built by lonnie dears from Ohio it is a monte ss trans with no brf parts at all.

First the WOT shifts are at 4500 so I decided to switch governors out of my old trans (brf) now it will not shift under full throttle conditions(must let off the gas to upshift).Any tips other than replacing the lower shifting gov back in.
Im sure Lonnie will be glad to help you. He knows what to do.
Put the monte gov back in but lighten secondary weight first.

Hey Sam,
I wondered how you made out with switching the governor.. You may wanna give Rodny a call and ask him to swap the valve body from your BRF into the tranny that is currently in the GN. Buy a Trans-go SK shift kit and shim the accumulators. Mark should have the SK kit in stock. Your clutches are fine, along with the convertor, so there is no need to remove the tranny. You will be happier with no more guesswork on what it could/may be. It may cost you a 100 bucks for labor and 50 for the kit. HTH..

Mike Banas