More Boost?...


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Jan 7, 2002
How's it going? Well first let me tell you what I have to give you a better idea of what I'm gonna ask. I have a 85 Gn and it has a 87 block and maybe after market piston and maybe rods. I would think they would put stock ones in if they rebuilt the motor.Also has flows,k&n cold air intake,huge shift kit, And I believe not a stock turbo and right now I'm running 15psi what is the max it can handle right now. The motor is real solid, it runs hard. Also whats redline in those cars? Any info would help.

I beleive you will need a upgraded fuel pump and some kind of scan tool before you get much more boost out of your car .You really dont want to got over 15 psi with out knowing what your car is doing.

hope i wasnt telling you somthing you already knew?
Stock revlimiter is 5,250rpm but there's no need to go past ~4800 in a stock car.