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Mar 18, 2002
Last week I posted on the surging, stalling, condition of a recent "Hot-Air" acquisition. While after closer inspection I noticed one of the spark plug wires had the boot "repaired" with about six zip ties! Needless to say the car is in for the "spring cleaning"; I wondered what wires were recommended, they currently are Accel. Oh yeah, and what #/heat range plugs for "Hot-Airs",(Turbonetics turbo,adj. w.gate,KB headers&pipes,3"exhaust,KB stall,TTA reg.,87coilpack,KB ram air&K&N filter,shift kit,etc.)? I also discovered the car displays the SES light constantly, and has added a 42 trouble code-Electronic Spark Timing Monitor! Will this be synomous with the faulty plug wire, or an individual condition? Any input? I should add a hearty thank you for the original suggestions and proclaim this BB to be one superb resource! In terms of overall troubleshooting; the car also won't "request" the A/C on scanner, has the TCC a little overactive-when travelling 50mph and then coasting to stop it unlocks, locks, and unlocks again. Perhaps due to KB convertor, I also noticed TCC switch installation paper in car's folder, but can't seem to find a switch, (as split-bench it's not in typical console ashtray location!),ideas? Car did throw a VSS code on firing up intially for about 5seconds, however I assumed this to be a result of the 1800+ idle speed, correct? Any more info would be most welcome

This is my opinion on a couple of your ?/s

I have be using Jacobs Electrionics wires for years.
Warrentied for life, if you ruin one ,call them up with the lenth and in a few day you will have a new one, free of charge. They are great.

Spark plugs--NGK--UR5 heat range---gapped at .032