More Really Nice Parts--Header-Scanmaster-Fuel Pressure Hood Gauge


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Scanmaster-- Like new in perfect condition. No fading. Never been in the sun.

Stock Drivers Side Header--Normal Cracked Area Welded (properly) No damage and flange is straight

Brand New Never Used Autometer Sport Comp Fuel Pressure Gauge Paid over $100
Comes with new Hood Mounting Pod

Like new GM oil filter adapter. Surface machined flat and deburred.

Stock Turbo Shield. Great shape with no damage.


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Yes sir. I will ship in the morning. If you will do $7.00 shipping I will pay the rest. My paypal is Thank you so much. I will provide the tracking number in the morning. Happy holidays and thank you again
How much for shipping? No hacked wires or issues with it etc?

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check your other thread, I think you forgot about it. I'll take the vacuum lines it said. Pm me info