more trouble with my FAST


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Feb 2, 2004
I got a new WB 02 a few weeks ago and just spent a little time trying to get the car to idle. Now my UEGOR is lit up red reading 4.78 not moving? What might be causing this?
check the plug, sometimes the pins can pushback and go in, causing a bad connection. What are the other values?

i get key on sensor not plugged in


sensor plugged in


If the connections are good the sensor is FUBAR!
The .10 is in red since the car is not running, with the car running it should be about .43 and higher
Is the sensor operating? If your UEGOS value changes to about .45 volts or so while it's running, you don't have any problems. It's possible that the UEGOR value could be displayed in red but you don't have any "problem". As long as the ECU recognizes the sensor and you see the lambda symbol appearing in C-Com WP in the bottom right corner of the screen, everything is fine.
Not to jump someone else's thread, but I've been having VERY similar problems. And I just came in from trying to due some tuning, and now the system isn't even seeing the WB02. It shows a value of 0 for WB02 and there is no lamda symbol showing. Where do I go to start troubleshooting this one???? The problem in the past was that the O2 reading would randomly 'lock' into one value and not move no matter what I would do. Now this on top of that!!! DAMN thing!

i have run across that also.

Two things 1 the plug on the back of your laptop may have wiggled loose. Sounds crazy but its happend to me before!

2. unplug power to the ecm and re plug it in. I can't explain what this does or why but i had similar issues and seems to reset everything.

3. your o2 has just died:(

let me know if that helped!
Thanks guys for the help. Tonight we will take a look at everything. Tony at FAST left me a message friday late to call him, he thinks he knows whats the issue is.
Tony at FAST says there is a glitch with the firmware, so I'am sending it back to get fixed at no cost to me. Tony is going to next day it back to me so that not to bad.
This doesn't seem right to me at all.

First off, I strongly disagree with Tony's assessment of the situation. Secondly, I'm not certain of what problem actually exists here. Does the lambda symbol appear in C-Com for you?

I am concerned that you are chasing a ghost. Before you send anything anywhere, please do me a favor and post the following values:

With car running and sensor plugged in:

Diag A

Then please check the same sensors with the ign on, car NOT running, and the sensor disconnected. This will tell us a lot more of the story. If you wouldn't mind, please get me your serial number if you have a second as well. I will tell you if there are any "firmware glitches" that we should be concerned about. Right now I really doubt it.
I will get all that tommorow. I sent the ECM in a few weeks ago for the new 02 and firmware update. My serial is like 1800 or so I will have to look its a older one. The funny thing is the reciet shows ECM checked out ok and no firmware update was done, but I did get a $40 charge for the update? I do believe all the other numbers were in the proper area except the UEGOR was in red 4.78 stuck with the car running. I havn't had much of a chance to look at it cause over the weekend my opti died on my 4th gen, not having a good week.
I will double check the values and look for the lambda.
OK, I looked it up.

Your ECU has current firmware in it, so a "firmware glitch" is out of the question. The O2 sensor circuitry was also checked to make sure everything was working OK, and it was.

The reason that the UEGOR value is in red is because there is a particular voltage that is slightly higher than the typical range of voltages expected from the original L1H1 sensors from NTK that we used for a long time. However, as long as the ECU is recognizing the sensor, as indicated by the presence of the lambda symbol in C-Com, this is not a problem at all.

Hope this helps.
Ok that sounds great. It definetly seems to be working it goes down to 11 AF range when you stab the gas and the other values were in there range. Thanks Craig you the man
None. Some of the older ones work differently as far as supported features, etc. but they are all stable. The UEGOR voltage reading doesn't even have anything to do with firmware at all.