Moroso Track Rental

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Anybody in the South Florida area. I am renting the track on the evening of Nov. the 20th. Anybody interested in going the cost will be 170.00 per car. I can only bring 10 cars so please let me know. The weather is right so lets go racing. PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL
I still haven't got my car back from the dealership. I was supposed to get it today, but they are having trouble getting parts. Suprise suprise! They are now calling me asking if I can get parts for them, and this is a buick dealership! I just kinda laugh and say "yeah I've got connections." If I get my car back early next week, it would be great to go on the 15th. I'm supposed to dyno the car on the 17 so that would give me a chance to get it in tune for the dyno session.

If I get my car back early next week then either day is fine with me.