motec m48 for sale


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Jan 21, 2004
Motec M48 for sale. It has the upgraded wide band O2 option. I also have the wiring harness and most of the sensors. This is the setup that Jason Carter had in his 78 twin turbo malibu (Job Spetter driven)on the mainland. Asking $6000.00 obo for everything. I also have a set of stainless 2"twin turbo headers for a small block chevy with a couple of turbonetics racegates. Asking $2500.00
The prices are negotioable. Any reasonable offer will be considered. If you are interested then pm me with your number to reach you, or I'll pm you with mine. I did by the way meet some of you at the "paint the track" thing, that's how I remember that a couple of buick guys were doing a sbc thing. Also the headers were installed in a "g" body so fitment should be similar. I'm just trying to sell these parts locally, before going on the rest of the net. Thanks