Motor/trans mount question

Looking into getting motor mounts and trans mount .
I know Poly mounts are best. But is it possible to use new stock mounts (non-Poly) on a let’s say 500hp engine ? Or will that be too much stress ?

Or has anyone just changed the Driver side to a Poly and Leave the passenger side stock ? New of course. I heard most do this ?

Trans mount .....stock or Poly ? Poly is not that expensive .
Maybe I can get poly driver side only and Poly transmount ??

Just trying to save so I can get other go fast parts .

Any help would be appreciated


Daily Driver
Driver poly. HR Parts, pass. stock all you need.

I got a little vibration which didn't bother me at all from the poly. tranny mount but it holds up well with oil leaking on it all the time. I would probably just use a stocker if I needed to replace one.

I believe there are different poly. types to choose from now for motor mounts I have the original stiffer HR Parts poly. drivers side mounts and many miles on the two I used.

Just my .02.

Approx. 400-425 HP to rear wheels on my cars.