MP3 Burning Software


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I just put a CD/MP3 player in my car and am looking for software that will allow me to burn MP3's to a CD.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I use Nero for all of my music burning needs. I leave them in MP3 format for the Alpine in my Corvette. Get around 150 or so on a disk. For the wifes factory cd play i burn them in cda format and get around 15 on a disk. I would have to put them on cassette in the GN though. :D
Which version of Nero do I need to get in order to burn MP3 CD's and edit tags and such?

I've found some places that I can get a real good deal on a little older version of Nero (Nero 5.5 and Nero Burning ROM 5.0). Or do I need to have the latest and greatest version?