MS3 ULTIMATE Plug and Play Harness by RPS just announced..

I was planning to get the MS3 PRO PNP, probably still will incase I need to put a different motor in the car, I can probably still use the MS3 PRO.

All engines are Air Pumps, this "it needs to be a buick tuner" shouldn't really matter. I mean a brand new device that is made specifically for buicks just recently released, and that is the better option over MS3??? I mean just because buick people made it doesn't mean they will be proficient in using/tuning their own ECU.

MS3 is available on so many different cars, you could probably take your buick to any tuner and get it tuned good. Its all the same, I mean its not different languages, its the same tables to tune and test. Or just youtube megasquirt and save money tuning it yourself and having fun.
There is probably less than 5% on here that can use most of the features on the MS3 Pro, MS2 will run everything on a Buick and more. I have a MS2 Plug and Play on my turbo fox body and it's a nice system also. The Microsquirt should work as a bare bones setup also.
Yes and Turbo Tweak has his own version with more features

The TurboTweak ECU comes with a wideband sensor, the wifi connection module, and allows you to use your Scanmaster as well.

The Turbotweak ECU and the Megasquirt ECM both use the same tuning software- Tunerstudio.

The ECUGN has an edge for those who like to use their Scanmaster for engine info instead of keeping a laptop in their car. Plus having the wifi module with the purchase allows you to have a mobile hotspot so that you can connect your laptop to the ECU to make tuning changes no matter where you are!
@dank GN I think you are a business partner in this deal? Are you running this now and can you post some results of this system?
I am not running this setup yet . I am debating on switching from my SD2 setup I just haven’t pulled the trigger on it . When I do swap I will most definitely go with the MS3 pro as I do have a basic. Understanding of tuning and hopefully won’t have to many issues that would require me to be calling someone for support .
Just for the record I did make the switch to a MS3Pro Evo . I just ordered so wiring components so I can start the install of it . I ended up getting a killer deal on the evo and the 8’ universal harness.i paid $800 for a brand new unit with everything like the TunerStudio registration ect:) Part of the reason I didn’t go with the plug and play unit was I wanted to replace my 30year old stock wiring with some nice new wiring. I’m going to try and keep the new wiring nice and clean


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I have gained interest in the ms3pnp. It has so many features that I wanted fast to incorporate but they never did. I am stll learning the system but I have a general page up on FB I will start posting program files I have made on it soon. You could not load it in, without tuning but the background parameters should be closer than the default tune.

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