MSD Boost timing master



Hey guys has anybody tryed the MSD boost timing master I just got the summit cat. in the mail i found it interesting doesnt say much about it will it work on our setups, I have a 301T engine which is the same setup that you guys have, thanks for the help
I'm running a 6BTM . It works good you can run more timing while your not under boost and have it take out timing under boost. Great with Pump Gas.
How was the install? Can i do away with the stock ESC, thanks again
Yes , It can be use with a stock ignition. Use the white wire trigger and the coil trigger wire to trigger the box then the output of the box goes to the coil.

My setup is NOt stock, So I had to do some "mod's" :)
fc227 tell me more about your "mods" if its not to personal :p
No problem;

I'm running a Moroso Billet distributor with a Hall Effect pickup . I wanted to retain the ESC . So I had to Modify the ESC input to "see" the Hall effect signal ( swicthed 12 Volt to ground signal)
Then I had to convert the output of the ESC to give me a "square wave output" So it would trigger the MSD timing computer that feed's the 6 BTM box. The Box fires a Moroso 72381 Coil , though Moroso Ultra 40 wires.

Workes well .

Sorry but you asked :)
Thanks alot for the info, i am in the process of gathering ideas for my 4.9T build up, so evey little bit helps:D
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