Multiple Parts....BNIB Alky Control, Scanmaster, MAF Translator w/MAF, 60lb Injectors


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Aug 6, 2005
As title states.....

Selling parts that I was accumulating for my build that never got off the ground. Ending up selling my WE-4 project due to new job/location.

Alky Control with 3-bar sensor: $500
Scanmaster 2.1(used): $125
MAF Translator w/MAF: $275
Siemens Deka 60lb injectors w/2 Turbo Tweak Chips: $250


Located in Saco, Maine

Alky Control (2).jpgAlky Control (3).jpgAlky Control (4).jpgAlky Control (1).jpgScanmaster.jpgMAF Translator (2).jpgMAF Translator (1).jpgInjectors with Chips (2).jpgInjectors with Chips (3).jpgInjectors with Chips (1).jpg
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