Factory ECMS/Turbo Tweak chips/Injectors/MAF and translator/AEM WB 02 with gauge


" Nice Monte Carlo"
Feb 5, 2013
Selling a few things I'm not going to need anymore. There is nothing wrong with any of this stuff.. I am going a different direction with my car, and no longer need any of this. Prices do not include shipping. I will also include any paperwork I have for the items.

1. MAF Translator kit. Includes box, 85mm (Z06)MAF and adaptor harness. Was on the car for maybe 100 miles. $275
2. TurboTweak Modded Factory ECM $200
3. Turbo Tweak Wideband 6.1 E85 chip for 120lb injectors/alky/powerlogger. New never installed. $140
4. Factory ECM with TT V5.7 chip 93/alky chip and power logger. $300
5. DEKA matched set of 80lb/hr injectors.. less than 100 miles. $275
6. AEM Wideband 35-8460O2 with A-pillar pod. $125

Will the ecm support 120# injectors and a powerlogger
Usually when the ecm has been modded that’s what it means that it will drive low impedance injectors so yes it should have no issues with 120s