Must Sell ASAP - 86 TTYPE

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I will be in Mason City Iowa Wednesday (Minnesota/Iowa border). Is that close to you?


Duluth...... always coldest place in the US..... just as Jim Cantorie on the weather channel. 50 miles north of there out to be getting pretty close to Canada....

Karri...... you aren't the chick from MN that was on PassTime (Speed Channel) are you?

Sorry to hear about the big D..... and hope all goes well.
Nope, not the same Karri... would have been cool tho :)

Yea... I am pretty close to canada - in fact, there are parts of canada that are further south than were I am. LOL. oye!

Thanks about the D comment, it was my choice. He is being an ass about everything tho. (Typical tho).
The car is Sold

Thank you for all your questions and interest.


Congrats on selling the car Karri. If you miss it this summer, I'll stop over and give you a ride in mine! Hopefully, I will have it put together by May!

Steve from Coon Rapids MN ;)
Hey I know that car real well!

It came from Wisconsin and was being PARTED OUT when I seen it.

Notice the taillight missing in the picture above.

The dash was not taken apart by your ex either... just the bezel was pulled off to be sold. Also the rear spoiler and power seat track was pulled to be sold.

The motor did kinda run at the time I looked at it, but the car has issues... :frown:

I hope karri told the whole story on this car to the new owner.
Thanks Wisconsin... No, she did not say it was in the process of being parted out!! Thanks for the heads up. Why people feel they have to deceive, ill never understand! All for the mighty dollar!

I have not and and will not ever be out to "F" anyone. I have been as up front and honest with everyone who has asked about this car. I did not know of its previous status and honestly, couldn't even remember which state he picked it up from. I know it did run when we bought it but it doesn't run now. It has been stored pretty much since we bought it. We were going to restore it to me to keep. I posted the vin, the trunk stickers.. even the license plate. I have nothing to hide with this car. I feel I was asking a fair price for a car I don't know much of anything anything about and had taken the best offer given.


In the one picture above with the grill in the trunk, you can see it is on boxes. These boxes have the parts in them for the car. To the best of my knowledge, the car is complete, minus the spoiler. I am also getting the original wheels back for it before it leaves my possession.

Many ppl who frequent this website know me both here and in person, they will tell you what kind of person I am if there is any doubt to think I am being a dishonest seller.

Here is a picture of what's inside the box...


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The car is sold, I see no need for the thread to continue. The OP was upfront as could be.

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