Must Sell ASAP - 86 TTYPE

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May 25, 2001
1986 Black TType 72k miles. The photo was of when we just bought it and were bringing it home. Its been in storage since.

Dash has been taken apart by my ex.. i dont know why he did that, but all the parts are there. The grill is missing, the headliner is sagging, the car does not run. I am asking $4500 but will take the first GOOD offer. title is clean.

Divorcing and moving.. I need to sell this ASAP!! call or send me a text.. 218-742-2146

Karri .. aka Ducky


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Does the Ex know your selling it from under him...sounds like revenge...jmo:frown:
its my car.. bought before the marriage.
he has no legal interest in that car or my camaro as I have no legal interest in his gnx..
he coul sell that now an I woudnt have any right to the money as he bought it before the marriage. its just minnesota law.

he does know too.

I need to move quickly as I will be starting a new job soon and need money for the relocation.
Karri, you said it does not run, is the motor apart or what? How long has it been since the motor has ran? Could you post some pics of the dash so we can see how much has been taken apart? Thanks
I will be in Mason City Iowa Wednesday (Minnesota/Iowa border). Is that close to you?

Ok Ty, you can buy it for me.

Interested but need photo's. If you had to guess at the current condition of the car vs. The photo, what would you say about it?

Sorry about the situation. I hope all works out for you in the end.

I will head over to where it is stored today to get up to date photos and other information on the car. I didn't realize I would have this much interest in it, both on line and in private messageing.
I'd like some pics as well. And any additional information about the car. VIN# would be nice too. Thanks.

wasnt able to get into the storage garage today. the owner of the place has the stomach flu and couldnt make it out. I will try again tomorrow.
some fotos

a tire and rim
the trunk sticker
the grill that is in the trunk..
very dirty car from sitting so long
tiny bit of surface rust


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more fotos

rear window with saggy headliner visible in rear window
back end of car.. missing spoiler.. and lip of trunk lid is very rusty. hard to see in picture.
bottom of door.. slight superficial rust.. not rusted through = still solid
some bubbles on bottom of car by rocker... superficial and not rusted through
inside of door.. very clean


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and some more...

interior shot.. clean
another shot of saggy headliner
front split bench seat.. clean nice shape
closer shot of front seat,, no burns or stains.


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two more..

dash.. showing it apart.. cover on the passenger floor
steering wheel in great shape.. no tears and not peeling..

the motor is in the car, but the hood latch wouldnt release. I didnt want to yank to hard to risk busting the cable or worse so I was unable to get any pictures of the motor. It is the stock motor tho.


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