Mustang goes down


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May 26, 2001
Took the front rims off my car to balance the wheels and also cleaned them good, fronts and backs. So I HAD to go and check out if the balance helped my shaking problem. Of course I have to go about 100mph before they shake but I would give it a shot. Any way driving to the highway to where I was going to test my car I see that traffic is horrible going back so I must take an alternate route and really just say screw it and go to the side streets. So I'm driving along and see the familiar lights in my rearview -Mustang. Cool! My brother-in-law is in my car and the guy revs his engine at me. Lots of traffic and no where to go so I just drive. Now he passes me and revs some more and starts to chirp the tires. I really don't like racing too much because my car is not up to tune. My brother-in-law is going nuts and really instigating me. Anyway the guy really starts to piss me off and I say OK. Usually people with the big mouths have the small peni.. uh I mean engines. Right lane opens up and he hits it then I hit it. Almost rearended him twice. Flying down the street, this Honda with a Lite Brite dash board feeblily attempts tp keep up. Yeah OK. Next is a scene from a movie. Long strait away comes up with 2 lanes there is a car in the left lane and the Mustang beats the car to the light and pulls in front of him, now my lane is open. Showtime! I pull up to his front fender and he is reving. Wait for the light ti turn yellow. Start boosting. Pretty much left at the same time. Caught up to him immeadiately if not sooner and then took about 1-2 carlengths and let off a little, he was coming up and see ya. After the run went to see my knock on the scanmaster and no recordings. My scanmastyer didn't even go into record mode!!!! I couldn't believe it. Pull up next to him and said what do you have? Gears, pulleys and a little bit of everything was the answer. Told him my car was stock except chip, catback and freebies. Anyway he said his car moves. Just not fast enough though. My brother-in-law wants to get one now. Just don't f--- with a GN!!
Oh by the way since I was upset I was giving him the peace sign while I was passing him.
You know, if you bring that black brick over to the house on Sunday, I can assure you that it won't leave until it's tuned. :D
Good to hear you're out and about with the GN. I've got a cold-air kit for you - don't forget it... See you soon.
P.S. - Nice kill. If only I could get those opportunities...