My car stopped


Neither small nor chicken
Aug 13, 2003
As the title states, my car has stopped. I was putting along today on my way to work at the fun factory, when the car's engine shut off. I can crank it over but it won't start up. I haven't changed anything on it recently so there isn't anything that I have done that might have caused the problem. I believe that it is likely an electrical short as there was no noise that might signal a mechanical problem. It had been raining for the last 2 days before I drove it and some water had leaked into the car (I have the window seals off as I am doing some work on the body). Do you think the water could have somehow osmosized its way into the ECM?
Also, crawl under the front of the car and check to make sure your crank sensor is still intact.
If you have a hot wire kit on it for the fuel pump check your fuse. If you can crank it over it should be a fuel or spark problem. Sorry I cant get any more specific than that. Once my timing chain broke and like you didn't suspect anything obvious and spent the better part of an afternoon before I found the problem.

Eric Fisher
Thanks, found the problem

Thanks for all you advice and insight guys. As it turns out, I unhooked me ecm and found that one of the pins had rusted and snapped off. I was able to MacGyver a fix good enough to get home. I am gonna try to rig it so that it will last me for a few more weeks, in the hope that it will last till I finish the other engine I am building. Then I'll be switching over to a 86/87 ecm anyway.

Thanks again, Jon