My current project in the works.....Not a Buick


yea dude...I rock
Aug 9, 2002
this is more of a teaser thread, by no means is my project done or even close, but i snapped a few pics off tonight and thought Id share with you guys.




I like it! Had a student of mine that had a clean 260 that he swapped a ZZ4 crate and a 700 in...little car was quick but would pretzel a driveshaft on a sticky tire.
Yea in years past we have had problems with blowing out the stock halfshafts on Z cars when we reached 3 times the stock power level, upgrading to 300zx TT halfshafts and billet parts solves alot of that... never really had driveshaft problems though, a good steel body and spicer joints was all she wrote typically
no not at all. the motors we typically dropped in were ls1's. the cars we built had import names, but were Monsters at heart. ;)

with that said, a 240-260-280Z roadster isnt really a ricer. a honda that sounds like its ripping a horrid fart when driving down the road is a different story lol. i think you boys would be proud of this little monster im sticking together