My ex. Cn State Trooper T

Hey man don't get bent out of shape over it, I thought it was at least somewhat clever......

BTW I work at a tranny shop. :eek:
No, I'm not bent out of shape, it is just one of those words that I just can't stand. Don't know why? Just had to to say it! :biggrin:
CT State Trooper TR

Back in 1991, I was driving back from Va. Beach to Boston, and I saw a sweet black TR in CT. and I was playing with it, but luckily, this idiot in a STATION WAGON, wanted to pass alot more than I did, and low and behold, I saw some flashing blue lights come on from inside the grille, and that was it for that guy. That scared the hell out of me, because I was going to play around with that guy just about that moment. Thank the Lord I didn't. It was a pretty sweet TR. Just thought I'd share this story. Unfortunately, I had just gotten a ticket from a N.J.S.T. on their beloved turnpike, a couple of hours before that.