My ex. Cn State Trooper T


Jul 20, 2004
Leme know what ya think! :)


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Those ex CTSP Regals used to be pretty popular at the state surplus auctions back in the late 80s/early 90s. The Mustang coupes and Mazda MX6GTs they used afterwards were never as good. Burgundy, chestnut and grey were the most popular colors - I never saw one in the blue you have.
State Trooper Turbo T

Sharpe looking T, love the color. I also own an ex trooper car,rosewood ex with maroon buckets.Not as nice looking as yours though ! PHIL
Beautiful car! I see it all low with a twin turbo stage 2. Mini tubbed with custom Bogarts.... Wheew.. :D

How about lowered with Draglites ;)


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I love the color on your car.It is beautifull,except it does not look right lowered with the Draglites IMO.
That pic is a photoshop edited pic. The car sits like the 1st pic at top of page. Thanks for the compliment though. ;) Here is the engine bay.


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I had one of the three Pittsburgh VASCAR cop cars. It was the maroon one. Im still kicking myself for selling it. :(
WOW really nice. Noob question but is that an OEM color?

Anyway, maybe I'll see you around sometime, I live in Taunton but go to FR once in a while for Portuguese food.
Sorry but the color is not original. Its called LUXO blue. A GM color. I worked in taunton for some time at the Sears auto center. I am now at the Swansea MA store as a service manager. Thanks for the compliment on the car.
the mans ride

I just finished putting a 6 point in a 87'GN that was used by the local fuzz here as a pursuit (?) car.Still had the marks in the package tray where the lights were mounted,and the tabs under the radio stack for the cop radio.Also about a hundred holes in the floor and side of the console for various cop pariphinalia.I thought it was cool enough to get a second opinion on cutting the package tray for the bar,I whacked it any way.Was there any difference (structurally) in the cop t/r's opposed to theother t/r's?
This is such a grey area in the TR community, could someone please enlighten me on the actual differences in the trooper cars? :confused:

Awesome TR you 've got there, great job! :wink:
There is that word again "Buford". Oh man that is worse than calling a Regal an SS, or a GN a "nashy", or referring to your transmission as transvestite! (tranny). :mad: