My Favorite Xmas Present This year. #3 Dale fans must see.


I am not much of a Roundy Round fan...Or Much of an Earhardt Fan for that matter...But Seeing that truck,And Knowing that it's the Day after.And That the traffic is Backed up for miles behind it,With people showing there Respect,...

Very Symbolic...

And a great Gift!!
Enough with him already, HE is long gone, he isnt coming back, and his kids sucks,(maybe not as bad as all the others racing)Let him rest in peace.He played dirty and he lost.

>>>>>:eek: :eek: :eek: Oh My......
Thanks for the post.

Those of us who were/are Earnhardt fans enjoyed it. Reminds me of some of the best (and a couple of the worst) days in my life. My best friend and I were dyed-in-the-wool Earnhardt fans for many years. I loved going to his house on Sundays and cheering for "The Man"!

He died just a few months after Dale and three weeks after "The Day That Changed the World" (11Sep03). I was never so glad to see a year end as I was 2001.

Thanks again for posting the pic, Bruce. It is COOL! As was the event that it captures.
Originally posted by KLHAMMETT
he isnt coming back.

>>> And neither are you as soon as Bruce reads this.........adios're signature being erased is gonna be the least of your problems..........Arivadurchie
Oh wow. Always an Earnhardt fan. That is a great pic.

Everyone else has said it, but I'll say it again. Otto, that was totally without class or common decency. If you don't care for the man, fine. But don't walk all over the mans grave. Let him rest in peace. He is, was and always will be a large part of NASCAR. There is no question that he is a legendary figure in this sport. If you don't like him, then at least be quiet and let others pay respect.

Don't like his son either?? You must be a Ryan Newman fan or something. Just kidding Bruce. :D
Originally posted by KLHAMMETT
I was just not a fan before,and i am not a fan now.

Good, I'll take your seat at the next race. :)

You can say what you want. You do have a freedom of speech, I never contested that. Simply saying a little tact and respect shoulda been in order. As someone said.. if you don't have something nice to say, move on to the next thread.

No.. Earnhardt didn't always drive clean and fair. But he COULD drive. Does anybody say anything about other drivers who didn't drive fair towards him? No. Does anybody cast any sort of blame on Sterling Marlin (not that they should). No. The simple truth is, he is a race car driver. He had his own style. But there's no doubt that he was talented. And probably most important, loved by one and all.
Lots of guys don't like Dale, which is fine. I will always be a big fan of his, because he came from nothing and became probably the biggest name in racing. A self made man. So he was an aggressive driver? Thats racin'. You can't say he didn't earn his respect or victories, though.

Bruce, thats a cool present. My grandpa sells racing collectibles, and hates Dale. So he practically gives me all the his Dale stuff. I have so much stuff, its kinda scary. I had to box a lot of it up, no place to display all of it. But I did get a present one year, it hangs in my living room- I have one of the "mini hoods", the blue one from the japan car, and its autographed by the man himself. I will always display it, even if the rest of my Dale stuff stays in boxes.

Before you all "BASH" Otto, He has a right to his opinion (right or wrong is in the eyes of the beholder).

But if he said what he said, theres a reason for it.

You know that Class that we all went to, If you got nothing nice to say, dont say anything? Well I think Otto was having a Beer in the parking lot.


Okay, middle-of-the-road type guy here, so hold your fire.

I have never followed Nascar and probably never will. Just the same, I can't believe how strongly people feel about this's crazy. I don't care about Earnhardt all that much, but if I did and I got a gift like that, I would be's quite touching. Otto, I'm pretty sure I understand where you're coming from, and I think you make a very valid point. Let's all just quit it with the snivel-grenades.:rolleyes:

Bruce, that is very nice, thanks for sharing.
I liked it too Bruce! Altough I was never a fan of Dale, I know how it feels to loose him. I was the biggest Davey Allison fan. It's like loosing your hero in our blue collar world. Like he was part of the family......................Racin ain't the same, never will again.

Sure miss the black 3 at Daytona and Talladega now. I gave my dad a picture from "96" when Dale and Irvan were on the front row for the 500. He was as big of an Earnhardt fan as you and I stayed loyal to the 28 until they dropped it.:( Those were some good days.

I sent him the link, he'll like it too!

I was not a big #3 fan but that is still a very cool gift! Where did she get that? I would be interested in finding one as well...:eek:
Originally posted by KLHAMMETT
you would know he was a dirty player back in the 80's till they put a leash on him.

As DE once said himself "Hey that's racing":D Since his death I don't even keep up with it like I used to:( There will never be another like him.....sorry just my OPINION. RIP Dale:(
I remember when Ayrton Senna died. Not being an F1 fan, I couldn't grasp the amount of grief that his fans worldwide felt. He was a Brazilian hero! After Earnhardt died, I finally understood what they felt. You spend every Sunday for years watching someone, arguing for them, following their career and then they're gone. Doesn't matter if you knew them personally or not, it can still be tough to overcome.

Don't be too tough on us Earnhardt fans. We love racing and we watched the absolute master day-in and day-out for years. Many of us from back before NASCAR was "popular". Was he rough? Did he bend the rules? You bet he did. Was he the best to ever sit behind the wheel? In my (and many others') opinion, Yes!