My first kill ever... Really!

That was so good I shared it with my parents, I am 52 so I never really did the big wheel thing, cumbersome as I recall, but the story is relational to all things "kids used to do" before they permanetly became attached to their mothers tits.
Awesome story!
I never had a big wheel. I did have a chance to try them out when my friends let me ride. (not traction for sure)... My preference was, however, the green machine. I would just slide and slide all day...
I had to borrow one of those too... My parents bought me a bike with the hard plastic tires (ughh, I still remember the jolting rides)--- When I asked for a BMX, they bought me a 10 speed. So I jumped ramps with it... (still not sure how much of my childhood was deprived.)

And, as mentioned earlier, no helmet, pads, or safety equipment... Old School baby!
lol Love it !!!!!!! I didn't have a big wheel but I had one similar . Have no idea what it was but it was a 3 wheeler but instead of pedaling the front tire you had 2 pedals you pushed. It had cables that ran to the rear tires and made it go. I wore that thing OUT lol
I came across something all you guys would love, check it out..... Adult Big Wheel

I'd mod the heck out of it.

Thanks for the bump of one of my proudest kills.:) It's funny how I can't remember half the stuff I did last week, but I can remember this kill like it was yesterday.

Worthy of hall of fame status?:rolleyes::D
freaking fantastic!

I grew up with one and rode the hell out of it....I had a steep driveway and would roll down and then power slide!

That's where I credit the beginning of my driving skillz LOL!
Mike you crack me up on all your posts. Great story. I flat spotted many a big wheels back in the day too.
Just had a good laugh. Did you leave the streamers on the handlebars?
What a great story mike! Brought back some great memories. I remember my dad cutting off the little clickers between the body and the wheel cause i never stopped riding and he couldnt sleep. All the kids in the neighborhood would compete and race all day long.... that's where it all started;)
That is an awesome story, and I echo the memories coming back. It is also fun to see that your knack for engineering and love for speed truly started at an early age ;) I remember trying to ride mine with the 'handle bars' swung the other way thinking that was the way to really fly (and smack my knees). I do vaguely recall getting one that had a VERY primitive timer on the center support which ticked out the seconds and did come with cones in the box. Maybe the big wheels is how we all got here! haha.