My first TR, did I get a good one?

For $4500 - it's a GREAT deal!! Even if you uncover some "issues" later. And if you don't, you have more money in your pocket for keeping supporting vendors in business!!

Great find and good luck with the car.
You could clean the interior up but if it's got hard cig burns in it and they're bad I'd just start getting replacements for it. Carpet is cheap, dash can probably be redyed, I'd do new door panels if you can't find nice originals. 1000 bucks and it would be taken care of, probably less. Oh, take the time to scrub the wheels with a toothbrush and eagle 1 MAG wheel cleaner. Shit works wonders. My wheels were an embarrassment. Spent about 3.5 hours on them and now they look presentable.
If you got black spots on the vynil and other parts of the interior, it's most likely stained. I've seen it a lot in cars with heavy smokers that don't clean things up. Get some dawn dish soap and warm water and scrub with a dishrag. 90% of the time all it needs is a good cleanup.
Let's see some interior and engine bay pictures. Get some good engine pictures and guys on here will start telling you what's hooked up wrong ;)
I will pull the car out tomorrow and take some pictures of the engine and inside. Inside is not nice, not completely bad. Mostly faded but a lot of cigarette burns. Back seats look pretty good but the tops are faded. Was told it was stored inside but by the looks it may have been by a window. There are some hidden problems but stuff I kind already knew about, its gonna need new motor mounts, oil pan gasket looks like it was hacked back in and leaking so that's gonna need to be addressed, and I get a vibration at 75+ which my buddy tells me is a bad drive shaft, and its gonna need all new weatherstripping asap (I can see the road through the window when I'm driving and can feel the cold Dec Mi air beating my limited HVAC controls at the moment. And a posi unit put in, which I have to figure out the gear ratio which I believe is a 3.42?
3.42 is correct. I'd balance the wheels before getting a driveshaft. Full Throttle in Fraser and Aggressive Auto in Clinton Township are excellent close by resources. You may be able to bring the windows up a bit by adjusting the stops inside the door frame.
That is a nice car for the money. Its worth double that. Look at the gray vacuum tube that comes out by the heater and make sure its hooked up. That is the vacuum source for the heater control. hope that helps. The gray tube may be black . good luck and post some pics. I second that on getting tires checked first before drive shaft repaired.
Great buy and nice car. Lots of good info on here and good people willing to help. I perused this site before I became a member also, you could open a turbobuick repair shop with all the good info here! Your car can empty your savings, max your credit cards, and you will enjoy the rewards of a really hot sleeper. The search button is your friend and Welcome!
Great car you have. I almost bought a white w/ blue int. ttype back when I was 19, these cars have such a unassuming look to them. You will be able to suprise alot of people with this car, so I hope you enjoy the permanent smile this car will give you.:)
I also paid $4500 for mine, about 12 years ago.


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You got one hell of a dam deal. I paid $9500 for a true '87 Grand National with 101k miles give or take. Now, I find out a headgasket issue after getting it back in August. Kudos to you sir. It's been a learning curve so far with mine.