My GN (the three footer)


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Jan 27, 2003
:D It needs paint, I like that I can take pictures of it and it doesnt really show how bad it is, which is why its named "The three footer". :)




I guess I should include a picture that actually shows the motor. I had just cleaned it and it was still wet which is why it shines in places.

looks great man.... Did you ever get the car running well with the bigger turbo and all? And what kinda overflow bottle is that?
JDSfastGN said:
looks great man.... Did you ever get the car running well with the bigger turbo and all? And what kinda overflow bottle is that?

I thought it was a stock replacement bottle but more and more people are asking what it is. I will have Tom Shea verify if its stock or something else later this month.

And to answer your other question. Yes, with the help of Tom I got it running very nice. A lot of people that ride in the car say its one of the smoothest running Grand Nationals they have been in. Its still tuned very conservatively as I am now paranoid of breaking the transmission and I need a downpipe and alky kit along with a nice stall to really wake up the bigger turbo. It seems so difficult to find a down pipe like a Terry Houston for a decent price. I got a local shop up here that I am talking to about possibly making a custom one. They have a 3" mandrel bender and they like to build custom stuff. The only thing that got them to start putting it off is the owner did a few intsalls of DP's before and said he hated them. Now all the guys are complaining that its just to hard to install. :mad:
Raymond Bunch said:
You work at a funeral home :eek: Nice car :cool:

Naw, I live three blocks away from one and its the one my parents have plots at. :eek: I work for a software company and still find a way to piss away my money so I cant get my car painted. :(
Nice 3 footer! Looks good! That overflow is from a Monte or Pontiac or Olds... just can't remember.. but it's not from a Buick! :eek: Now lets see some burn out pics! :biggrin:
Nice ride dude! Looks sharp!

I have that same coolant overflow bottle in my car. Like Jim said, it's probably from an Olds or Monte. I think my car was in some kind of fender-bender before I bought it, and whoever replaced the bottle replaced it with the wrong one. I've really been meaning to replace it with the proper TR overflow. Whenever I get on the gas hard, coolant seems to make its way out past the cap.

Good luck with the car!
Just a FYI that tank is still avaiable from GM at If you want the correct one..

GM PART # 25525470
CATEGORY: Radiator Tank Hardware
GM LIST: $16.36
OUR PRICE: $9.32

Cheap too! :cool:
Wow if yours looks that good at 3 feet, mine should be a 15 footer! Very nice!