My Introduction-New here(kinda')...


What's up, guys? I've been on this forum for 2-ish years now, but didn't peak around too much. I was merely an admirer so I never made any posts. Well, that's about to change. I've finally got my own. Although, it really doesn't look like much.


It's a nicer car than I think the images depict and we do have more parts than what is shown, but the car does need quite a few things. The previous owner bought it with the intent on restoring it, but got caught up with other projects. Gpa actually bought it only to steal the motor and transmission for his custom '33 Buick pickup. This left me with the remainder to do with what I chose. I'd actually started an Ls/t56 swap into my '81 Camaro...

..., but when the opportunity arose for me to do a GN I jumped all over it. Gpa's got a pretty impressive collection of original, restored, and hot-rodded Buicks so I've grown up around them. When I first heard of the turbo Buicks and what they could do, I knew I would one day have one. The time for me to get one came about a year ago when it was time to ditch my first car. Well, the Buick lost the coin toss. I ended up with my beloved GTO...

It's a 2004 so she's got the 5.7 Ls1 with SW headers, catless mids, a custom Flowmaster exhaust, K&N, Hurst shift, and 77,xxx miles. I love this car and have enjoyed modifying it for the past year, but a day hasn't gone by that I haven't second-guessed my decision to get it over an '87 GN. In the end, I was won over by the 6-speed and the fact that the car was nearly 20 years newer. I just didn't want to deal with problems that may or may not be associated with a daily driven 25 year old car. I recently picked up a little Mazda to drive everyday to school and started giving thought to getting rid of the GTO for a GN. This is when I came to my senses, decided not to sell the GTO and postpone my Camaro, so that I could have my GN.
Seeing as how I've already acquired a number of things for an Ls swap, I'm going to use them on this build instead. I've got a 5.3 and 6.0 ready to go in, I just have to decided which I'm going to use. The plan is for a budget turbo build using a single On3 Performance ball bearing turbo, turbo cam, e85 and meth injection that hopefully yields 600+hp/tq at the tires. I'm going to save my t56 for the Camaro so I need a trans for the GN. I was thinking a 4L60 with a 3600-4000 stall would help get me into the 10's, but I'm up for any and all suggestions. I'd love to do a GNX clone and paint it either red or white, and hope not to piss off too many purists by doing so.
Enough with the specifics, I'll save that for a more appropriate thread.

Well, that's about it fellas. Just wanted to say hello and tell a little about what I'd be doing... Some of you will see me lurking and asking questions in the "LSX Tech" and "Turbo V8 Conversions" sections.
Anyways, thanks for looking and for all the future help!
Realized I posted in the wrong section now. I made a new thread in the correct section, but now I'm having difficulty deleting this one.