My name is Louie and I am an alkyholic....

Louie L.

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May 24, 2001
I just finished installing an Alky control kit on my street car. So far 23 psi out of the Billet 60-57. Wow I forgoten how fun that was !

If you dont have a billet turbo, they come alive at over 20 psi...:eek::D
Bout time.. welcome to the Darkside :D

Lets get that other Buick on pump gas... buwahahaha :eek:
i cant wait till i buy an alky kit too,, been wanting one for a while, just dont have the funds right now.... wished i could make payments toward one, hahahahaha does anyone feel sorry for me? hope you like it louie
No alky for the other car... its a static display mainly. Too much work time to race.