My new 94 Zr1 sold the Gn to get it.

Gotta post

My ZR1 story is much like the rest, my 1st ride I could not forget it. Damn them things get it and are impressive. My Friend bought one years ago, I had my 2nd GN at the time. I used to spank him at the drag strip by only 2 tenths, we were both in the mid 12's with some mods to both cars.

What shocked me is that I did beat him, would of never thought it riding in both cars, the ZR1 felt way fastet then my GN.

My buddy had a split fire spark plug drop a electrode in his ZR1 motor and what a nightmare that made for him. NO one would work on it for him, finally found one guy that would and it cost big time. Be carfull with that motor.

That is a killer car you have, enjoy it. You will eventually want you GN back, trust me. I did this in the early 90's. Sold my GN to get a killer late 80's vette. After several months I missed my GN so bad I could not sell the Vette fast enought to get another GN. Just my experience...