My new ride!!!!!!


Darkside in Detroit
I crashed my chevy expedite van 2 months ago in canada and it was a blessing in disguise..It had 435,000 miles and an 07 so my ins company totaled it...But i was able to repair it myself and buy it back from the ins company for $300 bucks..It got paid off and it left me a free spot on my credit to be able to get another vehicle and ive been wanting to get into the carhaul buisness and saving for it, so i bought a 2008 dodge ram 3500 duallie chassis cab with a 6 speed manual this past monday...


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Schweet! Nice truck man!... long time no talk how you been? (sorry I lost your number :( )

stepping up to the hot shotting world eh'? Very cool you going with a 3 car wedge?

here is a pic of my uncle's truck that just rolled over 400k miles :D


alway's run hard and put away wet still running great tho :D

LMK once you get a trailer and throw up some pic's I will have to see if my buddy still dispatch's loads for them guys... and get you in contact with him