My old car for sale with 200k less miles on it in Fort Worth, TX!!!!!


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Saw this ad on Hemmings at a car dealer in Fort Worth, Texas, called Streetside Classics. I was the second owner. I bought it with 130k miles and sold it with about 205k miles. The guy I sold it to then sold it again to a board member here, and now it shows up at a dealer with 13,000 miles on it!!!! Odometer went around the block twice when I owned the car, and both owners before it got to this dealer knew it!!!! I'm sure the dealer knows it too!!! The actual miles is 213,000 miles. So buyer beware!!!! Maybe this should be in the internet fraud thread!!!! If anyone wants more info on the car or prior owners, just pm me.
Wow, that's crazy.
Buyers have to be so careful with dealers.

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I just learned that the 4th owner (I was the second for you home gamers) sold it to a doctor in Texas who had the correct mileage clearly written down as part of the sale paperwork.
Just called that dealer supposedly it's consignment car. Salesman said its unknown mileage but by law have to put whats on the odometer. lol I said it has 213K on it and he says I will put that down in the notes. Sure you will lol
The hood, roof and trunk had fresh paint when I sold it. The underside was ziebarted in 2000 when I bought it. It looks nice but not a 13000 mile car worth 19k. It has a Cotton's stretch intercooler, Meese downpipe and pypes exhaust. Also bfg TA radials. Or at least it did when I sold it. Motor was rebuilt and leaks oil. Transmission was never serviced when I owned it and was slipping. Car might be worth $7-9k in my opinion.
and Hookers with Adams apples.

Used to see one regularly, that looked fairly nice from across the street. Then one evening we passed each other through a mini-market doorway. That's when I noticed the 5 o'clock shadow! :eek: :vomit:
" With legendary reliability"... is he still talking about a V6 Buick there?

I've seen some crazy prices dealers throw on trade in GNs in my area, too. I just have to shake my head when I read those ads