My previous GN being sold on eBay with less miles than when I sold it!


Jun 23, 2006
I sold it at 28k miles and it is being listed at 26k. Also being described as "untouched and unmolested". It looks to have been returned to somewhat stock status but that doesn't change it's "touched and molested" history.

That being said it is (or at least was) a beautiful car in great condition.

Here's a link to my sale ad. It is the same VIN and I can provide pics to anyone that wishes to verify if they are interested in the car. Photobucket changes killed all of my pics in the ad.
Ebay has a method to report fraudulent listings, and you should report this one.

Odometer fraud is a felony.
Carfax available upon request.
When I bought the car back it had 24,032 miles on it and I put almost 4000 more on it before I sold it early this year. It was sold on a bill of sale. I just signed a receipt with no mention of miles. I imagine it was up to the buyer to record the mileage honestly. I'm not sure how it works.
I contacted Carfax about the "discrepency" and I'd need the current owner's permission for them to alter the mileage records. Lol.
I posted this in the other thread but what why not...

Hey jmidolo... that little green flashy thing says you are online. Got a logical explanation for any of this or do we just keep assuming the worst?

The GN community is a small one. There's a fairly good chance that the eventual owner will stumble across this forum at some point. How would YOU react if you found out that someone sold you a fraudulent car? Personally... I don't tend to react too well to dishonesty and fraud. It probably wouldn't end well.

Is a few thousand dollars really worth it?