My truck featured!

Congratulations Russ. I saw it this afternoon and it looks great. I am thinking of doing this to my 97 S10 extended cab. I will be hollering at you if I attempt it.
Bubba Nicholson
I just saw that there, REAL NICE job, thats a GOOD lookin truck. How long did it take you to do that?
Tarey D.
Looking good Russ I'm glad you stuck with it I know real frustrating. Good luck can't wait till you get it dialed in.

I kept reading about all your troubles getting this thing going, and the final product isn't what I expected to see. That is a very nice looking setup. I'm sure you'll suprise a lot of people with that thing! Very nice and clean!!
Thanks guys! :D Most of my problems are due to being an old-schooler playing catch up with no local GN gurus available. Tarey, it took from March of 2000 to January of 2003, so if you subtract the 4 months or so that I let it set during a "frustration attack", it took about 30 months to finish.

Just got a 3400 stall single disc Vigilante for it, too! :cool: