N.Tx Tech help NEEDED!!!!!!


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Hi guys, im new to the forum also the newly proud owner of 1 of my dream cars....a1987 Buick G.N, but ive ran into what seems to be a MAJOR problem...NO ONE KNOWS MUCH OF THESE CARS HERE!!!! :confused: Maybe ive been searching in all the wrong places, cause either they are to picky to tackle a "project car" or they dont have time or simply they're NOT knowledgable with the car, but claim "hell its just a car, what could be so hard about performance upgrades??" Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction with finding a person in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metro area that REALLY knows the TRUE "in/out" of these cars.......PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Either Rick Kinworthy or Greg Kring, Mitch Smith can help you in that area.There's also Jack Laswell in Arlington.

I don't have their numbers right now but I'm sure someone will respond with the info. You can also go and join here and there will be others in the area who can also help out. http://www.lspbcforums.net/

Just saw your other thread in the tech forum and replied back to ya. Between Rick, Greg, Jack and Duke, those guys will have you covered.

John Martin
Is there anyway you can put me in touch with either Greg or Duke?

Billy Duke is in FTW and Greg is in Arlington. I do not have there #'s And i don't think either is real active on this forum.

Call Jack he is in Rowlett, JL Enterprises 972 412 9000. Tell him I sent you.
Ok, Thanx & if ANY1 knows how to get in touch with Billy Duke, Greg Kring, or Mitch Smith PLEASE get me their conact info....Thanx in advance guys!!!