Name that TV cable


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May 25, 2001
I recently acquired these two TV cables. Both used, numbers on cable not legible.
Which one fits our 86/87 application?
Where does the other one fit?
Yes I have an 86 GN in the garage, but
Its a long way to get under the car!
Yellow tape is for reference only.
Hi Austin,

for 86-87...
center to center of pins at each end on cable is 42.6" + / - 0.1"

flange surface end to end is 40.125 + / - 0.125"

details from RC as I did not want to get under car to take apart just for measuring when I looked into this stuff few years back.
I believe only 1 of the 2 cables pictured will fit a 200-4R case. The other cable is for a 700-R4 case.
Yes, I believe the cable with the larger transmission end should be be for the 2004r. Good to know about the 700r4 possibility
In regards to TV cables, I was pulling the trans in my 86 last night to swap in a built unit and noticed the trans end of my TV cable looks different than the one in the first post.

How it connects


So my spare trans that I had built is from an 87 and it has a TV cable that looks just like the one in the first post.

Here's the built trans with my spare TV cable. So are there two different styles of TV cables for the 86/87 RRF transmissions?
Nevermind my post above. It was late last night and today realize they are the same and it was how I disconnected them.:rolleyes: