nb w/ in desperate need of help on rebuild please!!!!


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Jan 17, 2013
ive had this 86' grand national for awhile now and its been under covers for about 4 years due to engine knocking. this 86' grand national is from lostw/ohrp. ive been to almost every track night and used to help by pushing the beautiful beast to its next race. i've neglected her for years because of personal reasons. but in the process now of getting her back on the road. i was wondering if i could get some help on what parts is recomended for a mild and streetable build. i know this engine has been done .030 before with k.dutt pistons w/ru5 cam. if its still within machinable spec, i want to know which head gasket to go with and/or any suggestions on the rebuild?
How is RMS rad motor sport for Turbo Buick rebuilds? I have heard nightmare stories about turbo buicks being rebuilt and fail soon after. Not that these are bad companies......... just that they are not turbo buick specifics.
I have a compete engine that I took out of a 87 regal
im moving to korea in about three weeks but its complete and still bolted to the trans and wiring harness call me 7547979