Need a GN banner for the garage


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Dec 31, 2005
I realized before I go outside the chain of command I should check here first. Anyone here doing banners? I'd rather give the cash to a buick guy first before some noname company. I know there's someone here doing banners. Sound off.
Kirban 2 cents worth

We finally have located a legit company by legit I mean fully GM licensed to do banners with GM license agreement for all GM cars vintage stuff everything but Chevy so we are now working with him to do the Grand National banner, Buick Motorsport banner, T-Type one which would be based on the saying we came up with years ago T-Type a Boost of Buick Performance. Also the GNX using the ASC phrase A High Performance Investment for the Fortunate 547.,

These will be 2 ft by 4 ft in time for Christmas.....gonna look at possibly doing others as the one quote we came up with years ago for the GS models was GSX Beats you in Stages...

It's tough since GM and others don't chase down the non licensed sellers on ebay and elsewhere.

I could probably produce a Yugo banner using the Yugo logo and get away with it....Yugo was the other new model that came out same time as our cars......guess I got a long wait before those values climb.